“Perhaps we are experiencing a shift from a world economy of competing and polluting industrial nation-states to a global ecology of noetic polities in which consciousness will become a symbiotic architecture of organisms and machines, one in which pollution is mined as a natural resource in a cultured bacterial technology and a complex ecology of ‘living machines’ and electronic organisms. Certainly, to track and describe this new emergent state, we shall need the narratives of complex dynamical systems. Perhaps here science fact and science fiction are coming together to open our imaginations to the future and the possibilities of multidimensional modes of consciousness that can be both mystical and mathematical.”
- William Irwin Thompson,
TRANSFORMING HISTORY: A Curriculum for Cultural Evolution,
Lindisfarne Books, 2001, p.188


Part 1:

Part 2:

iON: ESP has been around since, well, for a couple of hundred thousand years. That’s been about, actually,… once you came into the printing press and the actual information superhighway, before they had all that, many times they just felt their way through what you call life, and you jokingly call those, sometimes, the Dark Ages, but actually they weren’t so dark.

iON: When you take your power back… as a creator in your own light, as you take your power back, that gets sifted away very, very quickly.

iON: In the historical Bible, if you research the prophets, here’s how he operated, he found himself able to quiet his mind and relax and allow. He saw… I say he… They would have a prophetic word (word is a creation.) They would say, “Here ye the word of the lord. This is God speaking, make note.” God was speaking to them individually. Now wait, God is inside you, but the part that was dumped into the Gulf that created the universe and the world…

iON: What’s the fastest path to your joy? When you can answer that question and use it as your guidance system in your day-to-day activities, then nothing else matters. The only homework you’ll ever need do is to determine if your next thought or action is the fastest path to your joy. It’s your roadmap. As you relax and allow and come into your knowing, finding the fastest path to your joy will work without fail or exception. Enjoy the ride.

iON: When you understand the aspirations and goals of the simplest tasks and how much of your heaven and earth actually has to be moved to attain that simple creation, you experience, what we refer to as a “burning in the belly.” Getting excited about the simplest things creates a burning in the belly. Even the act of drinking a cup of tea can be an electrifying experience.

iON: We are so thrilled because it puts us in a place where the only thing that worked anyway is to relax and allow. And you are happy and in your joy or bliss, the fairies of the universe have nothing else to do but give you joy.

iON: In your joy is the best acclimation to your experience. And you continue what you are doing if you like what you are getting now. It’s fine tuning the squelch on your microphone, that’s what we are doing here.

iON: You can take mud and make it into a thick clay plaster and seal up your eyeballs to where you can’t see. And yet you can still see. Even though your eyes are blocked, you still have that capacity. You can pack your ears full of the same thick clay and block your hearing but your hearing function is still intact.

iON: There is an innate misunderstanding in the human physical realm about your place in the world and in the universe. Infants and children, who are closest in proximity to non-physical, who most recently came from non-physical, are being told by their parents that the world doesn’t revolve around them. Their parents, having been knocked about in the world for a much longer time, accept the belief (a thought you have been thinking for a long time) that the world doesn’t revolve around them or around their children and they carefully and meticulously transmit that misinformation to their children. The parents are experiencing a disconnection from Source and proceed to make sure, in an honest effort to protect their children, that they suffer the same disconnection.  After all, mother does know best, or so you are led to believe.

iON: Infertility is a disconnection of something inside you that blocks the creator/creation of your psyche. That’s all it is. Why is it that people try, try, try, try to have a baby? They do everything they can do. They do the turkey baster, they do in vitro, embryo transplants and nothing works. Then they adopt a child that they learn to love and they have that experience that is their wanting and that activates the ability to come to love the child and really that it’s no big deal. The next thing you know, they have had their baby for 2 to 3 years, then momma is not feeling well and she knows something is wrong because she has no energy and feels a bit sick all the time. So she goes to the doctor and the next thing she knows the doctor tells her she is expecting. The woman says, “How can that be? I don’t have any fallopian tubes.” The doctor says, “I’m very, very sorry but your hormones are to a degree that you can’t get pregnant right now because you’re already pregnant.” And how many times do you see that in people’s experience?

iON: We see some people who are dead and just waiting for an illness or accident to come and reclaim the body to the non-physical. And some could fall out of a plane or off a tall building and still live because they were so connected to being fully alive and joyful. You choose to live and you choose to go, that’s from the subconscious or the spirit-self that is your reality. If you decide there is no suicide, you don’t have to expire.

iON: How is it that you can live in a happy family and everything is going your way and works out, or you can live in an unhappy family and nothing goes your way? Then, you can take the happy people and change everything in their world making things a bit worse and they are still happy. And take the unhappy people and change everything in their world making things a bit better and they are still unhappy. Some people are able to create different effects in their world because they are the center of their universe and they have building blocks that they use to increase that ability or capacity.

iON: No, the best creation is MySpace (or Facebook). Someone said, “Let’s make a space where people can create their own identity, create their own world where people can create, be, do and have whatever they want to be. Amazingly, that took off. It resonated with the non-physical.

iON: The “Black Plague” means everybody dies, right? When you hear the word, “plague,” it conjures up images that everyone gets sick and everyone dies. But in the Black Plague some lived and some died and left their physical body and went into non-physical. Those that were in the vibrational proximity of the Black Death, they had chosen or not chosen to line up with their experience. If you lined up with getting it and dying from it, you got it and died. If you didn’t line up with getting it, you didn’t get it. Therefore, if you were not the center of your universe during the Black Plague, you would have died because someone else would have had control of the experience that was to be your future. Even your bombing of Hiroshima was supposed to wipe everyone off that geographical location on the planet. Not all of them died. Being at the center of their universe allowed them to say, “I experience some effects, but I don’t have to give up my physical ability to be able to create just because they dropped a bomb on me.”  Someone drops a bomb on you – isn’t that an interesting concept as to how it relates or affects your newly-caused vibration.

iON: Everybody wants to talk about money. We’re a bit always from there. But the universe, or we should say “your universe,” if they used it that way… we haven’t even gotten to the time-space continuum or how the different knowing or beings are in different planes of space. Oh, but some people who are psychic can see people who are in non-physical. Well, why can’t everybody? They can, but they have to realize they are the center of their universe and have to make that a part of their world. And if they don’t, then it’s not.

iON: The next layer that we want to uncover is how the mass consciousness affects your own personal individual universe. Let’s use the example of the reaction of people to your current financial tsunami. Everybody is being negatively affected. How can that not be a problem? People are losing their homes, unemployment is 8.5%. Lions and tigers and bears are attacking and nobody is safe. However, each of you is the center of your universe, which means you don’t have to experience a negative effect in your universe just because the Great Depression has come. You are the center of your universe and you don’t have to allow someone else’s experience from their universe to become a media experience that affects the manifestation you experience.

iON: How is it that in the acting world it seems that only a small number of actors appear in all the movies? Is there a shortage of actors? Or is it because they confidently assume that they are supposed to get the best roles and make the most money. They know that everything is supposed to work out for them, that they are supposed to be treated with kid gloves and that they get to say how they want everything to be. And in their universe that’s their expectation and that’s what they’re in closest vibrational proximity to. So that expectation of how it’s going to be becomes the path of least resistance, which becomes their reality, every single time, without fail or exception.

iON: Now, does everyone have their own moon? How many moons does your planet Earth recognize? You have one moon and yet you could poll the planet and ask people, in five sentences, to accurately describe the moon and, amazingly, you probably wouldn’t get five of those people to describe it the same way. If you acknowledge that there is only one moon, yet everyone’s center of their universe perceives, views and witnesses it in a different light with different eyes. That moon is different to everybody. There might be vague similarities – it’s a full moon or not, or a red moon, or a ring around it, or it has those spots and dots, or big or small, all based on their individual perspective. And yet, it’s still just one moon.

iON: The story of the Knights Templar stealing the gold could not have happened because Solomon had to borrow the money from Egypt. If there were vast amounts of gold stored there, he would have paid off his debts and his temple would have not been sacked.

iON: The Ark of the Covenant was moved way before the temple was sacked. The Levites moved it because of an ancient rule in regard to lenders and borrowers. Solomon had to borrow the money to build it.

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