iON on CASH FLOW 02.02.2011

Topics covered in the February 2, 2011, CASH FLOW Radio … hosted by James Martinez featuring iON with Bob Neveritt and Dr. Carolyn Dean :

James says he always censors himself on CASH FLOW 1-2:51
how iON experiences perception 1-5:16
iON uncensors itself 1-9:03
iON comments on human stupidity 1-9:57
iON prefers our becoming more “eloquent” 1-12:46
Bob becomes the “dark soul” 1-14:17
McLuhan’s laws of media do not hold as deeply as the laws of nature 1-17:21
John Dewey on “lying” scientific principles 1-17:32
iON’s changing tone 1-19:36
on being “more than” rather than “less than” 1-23:16
Larry Hagman of “Dallas” is coming back with a new pilot 1-30:57
the groundhog didn’t see his shadow (meaning an early Spring [“around the first of June” says iON]) 1-32:41
Rockwall, the underground city, east of Dallas does exist 1-33:35
how the Chip Body is empowering the Chemical Body (iON cites the “World of Warcraft”, “Black Mesa”, and not being able to shut off the over-protected satellite environment) 1-35:28
the difference between meteors and meteorites 1-46:53
bullet control is more effective than gun control 1-49:05
Egyptian turmoil is an effect of the “howling” winds (the Bible’s “Jubilee Year” has started) 1-49:26
updated weather report by iON 1-49:56
the Chip Body and the Chemical Body will become as one (as mimed by FINNEGANS WAKE [1939] and not “1984” or “Brave New World” although iON thinks more can be known conceptually about FW) 1-53:26
bob’s birthday today and is discussed 2-3:26
hendiadys and tri-hendiadys 2-5:22
iON describes “perspective” being positioned centrally 2-7:54
iON interviews Sheila 2-10:58
“The Real HouseGagas of iONdom” #4 2-17:54
Sheila comments after hearing herself with Alison for 15 minutes 2-32:59
Sheila thinks it all comes back to sex 2-34:10
iON responds explaining the connection to “pH”, the “non-physical”, and the vortex 2-34:36
Alex calls into the show 2-49:29
Alex is upset that Kenneth Grant, the last Crowleyite, had recently transitioned 2-49:52
Marjorie Cameron and “Rosemary’s Baby” 2-53:16
Arthur Lee of the band, Love, and the album “Forever Changes” 3-3:21
“two versions of a dual perspective” 3-7:40
more on Marjorie Cameron and Jack Parsons 3-8:03
iON comments on Moon Unit Zappa and Aleister Crowley 3-9:24
Babalon, the Internet, Babylon, and Rhyee 3-10:58
more on Samaria and Kenneth Grant 3-14:59
more on Marjorie Cameron, Kenneth Anger, and Charles Manson 3-15:20
why iON is not impressed with Aleister Crowley 3-16:02
Alex’s paranoia and alt.slack 3-17:16
Germain discusses Diane von Furstenberg’s new rules for the models’ employers 3-19:26
the mind is not a useful guardian of our reality 3-34:02
Anonymous’ father is not alive “in this world” 3-34:45
the Ark is the color of gopher wood 3-34:56
altering the frequency of tap water doesn’t create “living water” 3-35:05
dreams are not all pw 3-35:14
JW and iON visited “s”’s kitchen 3-35:44
the Egyptians are coming into their power 3-37:07
the next leader of Egypt will be Nostradamus’ “Mabus” 3-37:30
what Thoth tried to explain in the Emerald Tablets 3-38:44
like-frequency-things attract each other 3-39:46
iON explains the difference between duality and twinning 3-41:06
acid is not a negative 3-41:21
Mentor criticizes iON’s “science” 3-42:06
Duffy taunts iON’s Vestal Goodman 3-46:05
George Harrison faked his death and is living in South Beach 3-46:44
Angela screams “Why?” 3-47:26
Secretariat the Triple Crown winner and the owner 3-48:24
iON as Secretariat explains a tiny bit more about the ARCHONS 3-52:34
more on Secretariat’s non-physical “roots” (Bold Ruler and Something Royal) 3-53:59
Rob from Tottenham mumbles us to the closing bell 3-54:44

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